XML Web generátor – English info

XML Web generátor is a software for off-line generating static websites. Although nowadays we often use dynamically generated websites (using PHP, Java/JSP, Python etc.), it is somtimes still useful to have website which did not require any scripting/programming technology on server side and consists only of a set of static (X)HTML and other files. Even more, it does not require a server at all – such website can be distributed on any media like CD or USB flash drives.

Indeed, you can write this website just in text editor – creating particular (X)HTML files manually. But if you do, you must copy the menu on every page manually and if you want to change style or layout, you must do also do it everywhere… and other annoying tasks.

So there is XML Web generátor which allows you to separate content from other things (look and feel, layout, menu etc.).

Schéma fungování

You can see  sample output and also source XML files that define particular pages.

In source files you can use macros (special XML tags) which lets you easily insert things like highlighted code samples, tables, Graphviz diagrams etc.

XML Web generátor is a  free software and you can download it from my Mercurial repository:

hg clone https://hg.frantovo.cz/xml-web-generator

The instalation process and dependences are described here – it is in Czech, but you will probably understand the package names and commands :-)